Watching the watchers: a countersurveillance workshop

NOTE: Our event is at capacity! Thank you for your interest. Please sign up below to be added to our waitlist, and we will email you if a space opens up.

Why did Hong Kong just ban face masks at protests?

What can anyone with a laptop find out about you when you walk down the street?

How does ICE use technology to track undocumented immigrants?

And what's really in those big beige boxes on street corners in downtown Seattle?

Join us at Watching the watchers: a countersurveillance workshop to find out the answers and how you can take action.

The workshop includes:

Come watch the watchers with us. October 16, 1-3 pm, at the ACLU of Washington headquarters.

Once you learn about all the surprising ways that tech companies and governments use your personal data… there's no going back.

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Please note that this workshop is a pilot (trial run), so space is limited, we will be testing new material, and we would appreciate receiving feedback from participants.

This workshop is run in collaboration with the ACLU of Washington and is supported by the Center for Arts, Design + Social Research.

Poster design by Micah Epstein.